JetStream ISO ii


Jetstream Isocab ii - Front
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Product Description

JetStream ISO ii is a follow-up to our popular JetStream Isolation cabinet. with new dimensions to better match our 20 watt heads, and a second XLR output for using two mics.

The JetStream ISO ii is a great solution for a variety of applications. Use your valve amp head at high volumes in a home recording environment, or manage your stage volume and feed the mains in a club. Plug your amp into the speaker input, and set up your amp tone— go ahead and turn it up. You can connect one or two of your favourite guitar-recording mics and position them how you prefer. Then close up the front door, greatly reducing the sound level in the room. Connect the XLR outputs to a recording workstation and capture screaming amp tones without waking the neighbours, or send it to the front-of-house PA system for a cranked amp quality at a controlled listening level.

The JetStream ISO ii is Metric threaded.

Additional Information

Weight 19 kg

16 ohm, 1/4 inch


2 x XLR mic level output

Power Handling

100 watts


Void-free plywood


1×12 Custom Eminence driver

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